jermaphobe asked:

Hey. Just wanted to let you know I've been following your blog for quite a well and you are doing a fantastic job with it. Love the creativity, style, and outfits that you have posted! I was wondering do you have any suggestions for graduation outfits for guys graduating college? Such as what guys could wear inside that is stylish while wearing their cap and gown on the outside. Also, do you happen to know where is a good place to find floral ties? Thanks for taking the time reading this bud :).

thetieguy answered:

hey! thanks for the kind words. congrats on graduating! depending on how long the ceremony is i would recommend wearing a suit. if thats not an option i would recommend wearing a blazer, bowtie or nice tie, slacks and a pair of dress shoes. keep it simple. i really like this floral tie from jcrew, try this etsy shop, check out general knot and the tie bar sells some pretty cool ones too. good luck!